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Joe Noland and Stephen Court

"With compelling appeal to the voices of our founder, William and Catherine Booth, and leaders throughout our history, the authors demonstrate that "settling down" has been a constant concern from the beginning. Movements must move. Living things grow or die--or worse, cumber the ground. Weighed against so much that is of value in our traditional ways of doing what we do and the extent of our investment in the structures, people and "bricks and mortar" that support them, is reinvention beyond imagining? If it is, what should we anticipate that our ever-creative God of the impossible may intend for this vital, living thing--this diverse and dynamic Army of salvation he commands and we love--as we march on? Whatever our future, settling down in the status quo is surely not an option. Our mission is too vital. Our worlds too swiftly changing. Our restless and questioning soldier-saints, young and old, in all their diversity and creative capacity, too determined to go forward."

                                                                                     General Paul A. Rader (Ret.)


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